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The Indian Railway Simulator site (IRTS) will be portraying Indian Railways in a wholesome 3D Environment.Ranging from Indian Railway Games, Auran trainz addons, Railworks addons for Indian Railways to Indian Railway Videos/Images only to name a few. The site has undergone some drastic changes since its introduction in 2005 with the all new Railworks and Rail Simulator replacing MSTS as the prime content.


Indian Railway Games
Exciting 2D Indian Railway games developed in flash will feature here.

Railworks Addons
Indian Railway addons for all versions of Railworks to Rail Simulator addons from Kuju will feature here. Great Indian Railway projects for Railworks  has already held its sway from Daund jn to Kurduwadi jn in the Central railway line. This route will cover almost all parts and railway networks in India right from Kashmir to Kanniyakumari, with all the major portions covered enroute. This might look like a humongous task on itself but to be practical and act practical we would be releasing the route in parts and subdivisions with all its progress updated in the form of screenshots on regular basis in our facebook page and also here. The route will comprise of both default and non default scenery objects and rolling stocks with Indian Railway content as its prime. We have upgraded our rollng stocks both texturewise and detailwise and you can sense and feel the difference in your game play when these would be available for download very shortly. Please stay updated for all the forthcoming attractions.

Indian Railway Images
Will Feature Indian Railway Images and trip reports.With the introduction of our new Facebook fan page for IRTS, all the Indian Railway pics/images from our various trips will be uploaded there.

Will feature Repaints and addons based on Indian Railways for Auran Trainz Versions UTC, TRS 2004, Trainz Simulators 2009 and 2010.

Indian Railway Videos
Great Indian Railway videos in avi, divx and 3gp format will feature in our youtube fan page Channel for IRTS. All the Videos by IRTS Members will be uploaded there.

Facebook Fan page for IRTS

Will host discussions and updates on all the upcoming/fothcoming attractions in IRTS in the form of screenshots, photos , videos and much more. Please join our facebook page to have a more

Upcoming Trainz Extravaganza

 Indian Railway Addons for Railworks  with some breathtaking routes,Objects and Rolling stocks and other misc.
 Cool Repaints of the default rolling stocks based on Indian Railways in Railworks .
 Exciting 2d Indian Railway games in Flash with some interesting twists and turns.
 Trip reports and Indian Railway Images by the IRTS Members will be uploaded in our Facebook page.
 Auran Trainz addons for Ultimate Trainz,TRS2004, TRS 2006,Trainz Classics.
 Great Indian Railway Videos with uninhibited Alco and Electric action all across India will be uploaded in our Youtube channel for IRTS.
 Great Indian Railway Improved Models for Railworks/Rail Simulator  featuring Indian Alcos, Electric, Steam Locos and IR Rolling stocks. Enhanced models will be a added feature here compared to the models of our previous versions in Rail Simulator
Realistic and accurate IR Objects for Railworks/Railsimulator  and Auran trainz
 Exciting Indian Railway Games with Photorealistic graphics and Breathtaking sounds.
 High Speed Alco actioned show stealing Videos in the Videos segment.
 Indian railway Images by me and various other Members in our all new facebook fan page.

 Games categorised based on Strategy, Simulation and Arcade.
 Feedback section in the forum page and also free discussions in our facebook fan page where you can post your honest views and comments.

 Free online support, installation guides and help tutorials provided for the above mentioned featured sections.

*Requires a free member registration for some selected sections viz Indian Railway gamesbefore you can enjoy the addons to the core.

 North American or Europeon Versions of EA Kuju Rail Simulator/Railworks original dvd ROM.
 Dual core pentium cpu G2020 2.90ghz or better
 512Mb 3D video hardware acceleration or better
 Available hard drive space 1Gb


Jan 4th 2013

Ghaziabad wap5 locomotive for Railworks/Railsimulaot released for download and is available in the Railworks download page.


Kindly register in the site before you can enjoy some selected contents .